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It's a Birthday Giveaway!

Kayti here, and today is a big day!
It’s Mary’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mary!
I am having a celebratory giveaway!
I have a copy of Learning Curves by Molly O’Hare that I will be sending out! It has just entered the USA Today Best Seller list! Author Molly O’Hare will be interviewed by Mary on TikTok Live Tuesday (9.28) at 7pm Central! Due to an unexpected conflict, it will be Tuesday this week rather than Wednesday.
I will do a drawing from among all people who have posted on ANY of the blogs on our website! I will do the drawing on October 4, so get over there and read some blog posts, friends!
How should we celebrate Mary? This is a great opportunity to support her and the project so that we can continue to do this work that we love so much! We appreciate all of you! 
I have some more books that I will do some drawings among our Patrons later this month.
You are amazing, and beautiful exactly as you are. We are so glad you are along this ride with us! Thank you!

Leave a message for Mary on this post! 

Thank you Mary for starting all of this for all of us. You are an exceptional human and I am so lucky to have you in my life Happy Birthday!
A copy of a book, some postcards, an apple, some pencils, and a pair of glasses.