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Book Review: Bodies Are Cool

Bodies are Cool

Written by: Tyler Feder
Reviewed by: Kayti Lake

Ok, first off this book is not strictly about fat positivity, but about body positivity. The reasons that I added it to the site are that A) fat positive kids lit is rare, and B) this book handles body positivity more inclusively than most places I see #bopo added.

My daughter and I read this book, and it is a super easy kids reader. The real joy of this book lies in the illustrations.


Once you have these incredibly diverse images, the words become lyrics to the illustration’s song. We spent a long time just enjoying the images on each page and I saw people who looked like me on several pages. I saw people that look like everyone I know in there for the most part.

That is awesome because everybody that I know has a body that is cool.


If you have a little one who is still enjoying lap Storytime, this easy reader’s images will captivate them and open a teachable moment to discuss what they are seeing and how it is different from what they most often see. That is really valuable to me, so I enjoyed this.

Book Cover: Many different illustrated bodies in swimsuits, all shapes, colors, degrees of ability etc. Bodies are cool by Tyler Feder.