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The books in the lists were recommended to us. We are trying to read them all but time has not allowed that. If we personally stand behind and vouch for a book, it will be in the review and/or blog about the book. We may love a book and have just not had a chance to review it yet. We don’t want to put blanket support on titles that we may not have read ourselves. Please let us know if you feel a book is listed erroneously, or give us your suggestions for additional titles.



 There may be triggering content in a book that we are unaware of at this time. The goal is to add individual content warnings as we continue to add to the site. Please be aware of that possibility and if one seems like it may be problematic for you, please Google it. No one wants anyone to be hurt, we want books that will make you feel seen and included. 



All book blurbs are the works of the individual authors, their publishers or amazon and do not necessarily reflect the values of fat girls in fiction. Some works may have explicit or triggering content; please review individual entries for specific references of explicit or triggering content.



The links to the books for sale are affiliate links. We will make a tiny portion of the purchase price if you purchase the books via our links. We use those funds to help us with server fees, maintenance, and to cover our time spent on it. We appreciate every bit of support that we receive and if you are inclined to help further our cause you can do so on our support page. Thank you!





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