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Book Review: The Princess Trap by Talia Hibbert

The Princess Trap

Written by: Talia Hibbert
Reviewed by: Mary Warren

When Cherry Nieta arrived at work on a seemingly normal day, she didn’t expect she’d be spying on the handsome man touring the school. She gets even more than she expected when he turns out to be a prince. So it’s a whirlwind of events and emotions when they are caught by the paparazzi and enter into a fake engagement. This book brings fake dating, enemies to lovers, and all the spice. Talia Hibbert really turned up the spice a few notches for this book.


The passion between Cherry and Reuben is palpable and it runs the gamut. From attraction, to dislike, to love, these two characters do it all with passion. Cherry has everything I have come to expect from Hibbert’s leading ladies. She is fat, confident and capable. Cherry is witty and cleverly written. Rueben is a dynamic leading man. He simultaneously bears the smug confidence of someone accustomed to obtaining that which they desire, and the hidden woundedness of a person who has received far worse than they deserved. He cares very deeply for Cherry; watching their relationship and the way they drive each other crazy in a variety of ways is exciting to read.


This book does have some darker elements in Rueben’s past. There is definitely some trauma there, so check your trigger warning. Also, while all of Talia Hibbert’s books are spicy, I personally think this one is a bit spicier, so be prepared for that. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I love to read the story of two people who start off on a rocky footing, but end up so strong and champion for each other.

Book Cover: An illustration of an interracial couple. A white masculine figure holds on to a far black femme in a red dress as she sits astride the entrance of a huge stylized bird cage. The Princess Trap by Talia HIbbert