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F. A. Q.

Who are the Fat Girls in Fiction?

Mary Warren is the #1 originator and mastermind behind our cause.

Kayti is here to support Mary, the mission, and help get the word out.

Why is the focus on girls if you are also focused on nonbinary inclusion?

We are the Fat Girls in Fiction and we are both cis women, with (as far as we know at this time) cis daughters. When Mary created this, it was about us and people who look like us. It was never intended to be a determination or statement on gender, it was about us as the Fat Girls in Fiction. We are looking for inclusion for all fat femmes, or nonbinary people because that is our focus. Inclusion, love, acceptance, we will have it all, please.

What is positive fat representation?


This is a very subjective answer. Good representation looks different for different people because they have different experiences. Fat identity sits at a crossroads of many different identities that make a whole person, so it is hard to say across the board what is good. Identifying the bad is a bit easier. But I would say that good representation is representation free of shame. It is representation where a fat character is allowed to explore the other facets of their whole person. It reminds the reader, both the fat and straight sized reader, that there is so much more to a person than being fat.

Strong and positive representation can help fight and break down stereotypes that can be detrimental to individuals and limiting to society. When a group of people is only ever represented in negative ways, it adversely affects the way others see them, as well as the way they see themselves.

Accurate, authentic representation can break down barriers, open us to new ideas, create powerful role models, and even be a source of inspiration.


Why is Amazon the only option on the site?

Quite frankly, they were the fastest to get set up, and we wanted to get books in hands. We do get a small affiliate link return when you buy books through our site. That is to pay for the maintenance and person hours to run the program as we would like. 


How can I help?

Tell us about books you’ve found.
Share our information with others that it would benefit.
Participate in our discussion group –

Participate in our Book Club –


Where can I learn more?

Participate in our discussion group

Participate in our Book Club  Our Facebook Page
Our Twitter
Our Instagram

Mary’s TikTok account that started it all


Have you read every book on the lists?

Not yet! Many have but some have been recommended via word of mouth, some we’ve learned about via platforms like Goodreads. We are working on it, but every book that is reviewed obviously has been read. 

I know a book that is good, but it’s not on the lists, can it be added?

The list is ever growing. We plan to add to it along the way. You can contact us here and tell us about the book and we will likely add it to the list. (We can also be reached at [email protected])

Can I donate to help further the cause?
Of course! That is genuinely appreciated because this swiftly became a lot of work and we need to keep it afloat while also giving it our time and energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We have a Patreon –

Venmo: @fatgirlsinfiction

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