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Needing some fabulous fat feedback.

CW: Fat trauma, the varying  fat lived experiences. 


When was your first experience with positive fat representation? How did that make you feel?


We are looking for what people are needing, what it means to them. We need to show publishers that there is a market that is looking for this.


As far as fat representation, what feels like “good” for YOU. It’s not going to be the same for all of us. We have all lived different experiences and have different relationships with our fat bodies. Some of us want to see our truths, some of us absolutely want fat fantasy.


What tropes are you over? What have you realized was a thorn for you, that you might not have realized before you were introduced to positive fat representation.


If this is too hard, it is not a requirement! We are just hoping to build a case to send out to publishers demanding more fat main characters.


Thank you!


The Fat Girls in Fiction!

On a gold glittering background, an illustration of a fat woman on the go with suitcases. THe Fat Girls in Fiction logo, and the text "Fat positive representation feedback needed."