October 2021 Releases

These are upcoming releases for books that will be or are featured by Fat Girls in Fiction. You can always check the calendar for the releases that we know are upcoming as well! Here are October 2021’s offerings!

The Almost Queen


By Alys Murray

Releases October 12


The Witch Needs Her Freedom.

Ellara Wist, one of the many witches that fought on the losing side of the war, has no intentions of returning to Outerland when it is finished and she has no intention of letting her fellow witches suffer either. So, during her sentencing for war crimes against the kingdom of Aulen, she boldly offers their new king a proposal: she’ll join the king’s court as his own personal sorceress in exchange for the lives and freedom of those trapped in Outerland.


The King Needs a Wife.

Terran didn’t want to be king. But after years of war and the loss of almost his entire family, he will not put the crown aside. But when a witch from his past offers herself as a sacrifice, he sees her as an equal. So, he instead counters her offer with one of his own: Don’t be my sorceress. Be my Queen.


And the deal they strike will change their world forever.

Desperate, Ellara agrees, swearing to herself that she could never love him. But as time reveals the man she’s married not as the monster everyone thought he was and danger draws them closer together, she finds her vow almost impossible to keep.

book cover: A crown floating in the middle of the image. The Almost Queen by Alys Murray.
book cover: an illustration of a thinner man and a short fat woman looking pleased with themselves. set against a purple background. All the Feels by Olivia Dade

All the Feels


By Olivia Dade

Releases October 26

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This is the story of Alex and Lauren. Alex is a star in a popular Game of Thrones style TV show. After a couple of run-ins and a bar fight, the show runners assign Lauren to be Alex’s minder to make sure he behaves and doesn’t further tarnish the show’s reputation. She is the show runner’s cousin and frequent target for his bullying for her looks. Lauren is described as a round bird-like character while Alex is a beyond handsome movie star, so while romance seems unlikely, we all already know what is in the cards for these two characters. Their journey to learn to love each other and more importantly themselves is the basis for one of the best rom coms I’ve ever read.

Hazel’s Mirror


By Nicole MacCarron

Releases October 26



After last year’s massacre, Hazel has spent a year suppressing fear and grief. So when the opportunity arises to get out of town and support her girlfriend in a basketball tournament, Hazel is quick to pack her bags. The weekend takes a dark turn when a mysterious boy begins haunting her and Hazel realizes they may have something sinister in common. As their worlds gradually intertwine, Hazel finds temptation among new supernatural abilities. Thrust into the unwanted role of mentor, she must test her new talent to discover if it will help them both, or destroy the last remaining people she loves and unleash her worst nightmare.

book cover: Dark green background with lighter center area, there is an old well in the center. Hazel's Mirror by Nicole MacCarron.

More fat fiction is always a welcome occasion! We will always try to keep it coming out to you! If you are and author or publisher that wants to send us an ARC to preview on the site for an upcoming release, please contact [email protected]! Thanks!