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Holiday Wish List for a Book Lover

Do you have a book lover in your life? A little introvert who chooses to cuddle up in their hidey hole living in fantasy worlds as opposed to the real world? What on earth should you give them? I understand those people…. Because I am those people.

Here is what we want as gifts!

Giant oversized blanket/hoodie
cozy faux fur throw

Number One, we want to be cozy.

Give us blankets, pillows, cuddle buddies, blanket hoodies, socks, help us to make our hidey holes the comfy coziest place we can.

lamp that looks like a book
library books scented jar candle

Number Two, ambiance.

Candles and lamps to set the mood.

book lamp
Book storage

Number Three we want things to help us read in our hidey holes for as long as possible.

Pillows for our books or kindles.

Book lights to read past our bedtimes.

neat geometrical book stand
faux greenery bookmarks
wooden bookmarks with engraving

Bookmarks, bookmarks and more bookmarks.

Save our pinkies with book holders and hydrate us, whether it is wine or tea.

Fat Girls in Fiction Bookshop image

And don’t forget the main event. Give us books of course!

Fat Girls in Fiction Bookshop

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What is on your wish list? Let us know in the comments!