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November Book Releases

I am so excited about some of these books coming out in November. You will notice All the Feels on the new releases again, it got pushed back due to some strain and bottle-necking of production the publishing industry is seeing right now. I already have reviews up for a few. If you are interested in any of these you can order them from the Fat Girls in Fiction Bookstore.

Faith: Greater Heights


 by Julie Murphy 


November 2nd


Faith Herbert can finally admit that she’s not a regular teen—and take advantage of her new flying superpowers. After the chaos of her first semester, Faith just wants to end her senior year in a normal way—enjoying all the hallmarks of graduating high school, like prom, with her best friends Matt and Ches.


But a new journalism teacher at school means things are off to a strange start, and suddenly Colleen Bristow, the quiet nerd-turned-supervillain, reappears, acting as if nothing ever happened. Fires are cropping up all over town. Then Faith hears that psiots have been going missing.


As if that weren’t enough, reports of sightings of Faith’s ex, the beautiful Dakota Ash, start to emerge. Everyone thinks she’s dead, but Faith knows better. . . . Will she make a reappearance?


As Faith tries to balance her quest with a memorable senior year and the heartbreak of Grandma Lou’s increasing decline, she learns to have faith in herself—and that sometimes fate will point you in the right direction.

book cover: a fat blond young femme soars abouve teh city in a blue evening gown. Faith: Greater Heights by Julie Murphy.
Book Cover: An illustration of a couple dancing. A dark haired masculine figure dips a feminine figure in a pink dress with flowing skirts. Cupcake by Cookie O'Gorman



by Cookie O’Gorman


November 2nd


Ariel, or Cupcake as she’s better known, has been nominated to the high school homecoming court of her small southern town where homecoming is a big deal. She doesn’t know how she got nominated because she isn’t exactly popular, nor does she look like the girls who are usually nominated.


Ariel lives in a bigger body. She knows that girls like her aren’t often nominated, but Cupcake is kind, and people notice. She brings baked goods to people all the time. She hosts a baking vlog where she pairs desserts with rom com movies. She loves herself and lives her life, so although she is surprised, she goes along with it. She gets paired with the hunky but sullen quarterback. At first she thinks he’s a jerk, but as she gets to know him she realizes there is much more to Rhys than what meets the eye.

Fastest Way to Fall 


by Denise Williams


November 2nd


Britta Colby works for a lifestyle website, and when tasked to write about her experience with a hot new body-positive fitness app that includes personal coaching, she knows it’s a major opportunity to prove she should write for the site full-time.


 As CEO of the FitMi Fitness app, Wes Lawson finally has the financial security he grew up without, but despite his success, his floundering love life and complicated family situation leaves him feeling isolated and unfulfilled. He decides to get back to what he loves—coaching. Britta’s his first new client and they click immediately.

Book Cover: An illustration of an interacial couple running a track together. A fat black femme is wearing a red top and stretch black pants with her hair in a braid. The white masculine wears a dark set of track warmups. The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams
book cover: an illustration of a thinner man and a short fat woman looking pleased with themselves. set against a purple background. All the Feels by Olivia Dade

All the Feels 


by Olivia Dade 


November 16th


This is the story of Alex and Lauren. Alex is a star in a popular Game of Thrones style TV show. After a couple of run-ins and a bar fight, the show runners assign Lauren to be Alex’s minder to make sure he behaves and doesn’t further tarnish the show’s reputation. She is the show runner’s cousin and frequent target for his bullying for her looks.


Lauren is described as a round bird-like character while Alex is a beyond handsome movie star, so while romance seems unlikely, we all already know what is in the cards for these two characters. Their journey to learn to love each other and more importantly themselves is the basis for one of the best rom coms I’ve ever read. (Don’t forget to pre-order for an additional short story)



by Aidy Award 


November 30th


Escape into the Seven Realms where every day is a holiday and in the land of Christmas there are lots of schmexy soldier nutcrackers devoted especially to you.


Just imagine… What if the Sugar Plum Fairy was actually a Dark Fae Prince?

What if Mother Gingerbread had a hot red-headed viking son?

What if the Mouse King was a shifter bad boy?


Your adventures begin in Protected, Book One of the Claimed by the Seven Realms series. Grab this why-choose-just-one-guy curvy girl romance and live the fantasy today!

A group of period dressed men and a plus sized woman in a red gown with long blonde hair. The scene is set in wintery blues and whites. Protected by Aidy Award.

One Night in Garoureve 


by Elle M Drew 


November 30th


The first book in a series of paranormal romances featuring plus-size heroines, wolf shifters, fated mates, and a town that magically appears when it’s needed. Elle is an author we are excited to read, we will be adding her to the site soon!