Feedback Needed - Strengthening our Community

We try to create a range of content for our audience. We have book reviews, upcoming events, general info, book club stuff, and more.


What kind of content are you looking for, what interests you? We are working on several really exciting things for 2022 and we want to include our amazing friends in the development process.


You may not have noticed that new authors and books are added regularly to the website, though that takes time and it is an evergreen project so there will always be more to add. We hope that you re-visit the authors and book lists regularly to see what’s up!


If you are interested in guest blogging, please email a sample to [email protected]! We want to amplify more voices, and get more points of view represented!


How can we reach more people that need us, but a) may not know that they need us, and or b) just have no resources that would point them our way. Our goal is to get in front of as many people as possible so that we can create a strong, normalizing, inclusive community to forge ahead!


Do you want to put an ad on Fat Girls in Fiction? Email us for information, we are only offering this for ads that are appropriate to our content. Publishers, authors, fat friendly businesses. We are always looking for ways to support this project, because it is a labor of love but cannot be maintained with love alone. We’ve been paying for the project on our own and that is not a path that can be maintained. We need support for the future of our work. <3 


Our Patreon has perks, benefits, and fun stuff for our supporters! We would love to hear what else you are looking for from our Patrons? 


We love you and want to give you what you need from this community. Please give us your feedback!



Mary and Kayti

three illustrated fat women behind a sign asking for feedback.