Featured Books for July 2022

Fat Girls in Fiction Book Club Pick

Join us in reading this month’s book club. Don’t forget to hop on discord to join us for our discussions. We always have a good time.



It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake



By Claire Christian

Discussion 7-26 on Discord @ 8cst






Pool water background, a fanciful fat woman has her hands up joyfully, illustrated book cover to her left. Book pick for July 2022: It's been a pleasure, Noni Blake

Fat Girls in Fiction After Dark Book Club

dark background with stars, faces of a F/M couple, book cover of an illustrated fat woman and a muscley green masculine figure. XXX Book of the month: Claimed by an Alien Warrior

Claimed by an Alien Warrior


By Tiffany Roberts

Discussion 7-12 on Discord @ 8cst




We hope that you will read along and come discuss these books with us! We have a tremendously awesome community!

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