Fabulous Fat Girls Progress!

   We have spent a year now trying to connect readers with books that have positive fat representation for women (regardless of assignment at birth) and non-binary people. It’s been an exciting and wild ride, we saw that more and more books with great fat rep were appearing on the market, but that the numbers were still not where they should be.


  Mary was included in an awesome fat fantasy anthology. Her included story was part of a timeline that she had been writing for a while. There were some great stories in that collection and it was a joy to see Mary’s name among them. I, as the quieter Fat Girl from Fat Girls in Fiction was over the moon for her! What that means to so many of us, it is amazing progress, and Mary’s advocacy is a perfect compliment to her understanding of what we need in a character.


  Hannah has now entered the scene, sprung forth from Mary’s brain into the world. A Highlander for Hannah is not only entertaining, a bit spicy, and funny; it’s a foundation shaker. The wonderful fat representation is an example of us. This book is Mary’s but it is also representative of all of us that have been part of building this community. Mary has long been our guide, and she continues to helm the ship masterfully. Inspiration begets inspiration is something that I have always said. Once the creativity is flowing you find that other ideas and concepts come a little more freely. Mary has taken all of that energy and her beautiful fat muse has clearly kissed her. There is already a second book on the way, and more coming. This is a great place to cheer!


So, what does this mean for us? This is a chance to grab that spotlight and run with it full force. We need your help to make that a reality. We need friends and family to get the book, leave those great reviews, share the love. We need more members on our Patreon who help to support the project that we all love, and get benefits in return. The reality is that Mary and to a far lesser extent I have paid out of our pockets for this passion project that is serving so many. It has the potential to be even larger and help to make more authors aware of the demand for fat characters who are not traumatized or ashamed. Fat women are as worthy and exceptional as anyone else and do not owe anyone qualifiers for “acceptable fat.” We are glorious and deserving of good things. In order to help make that reality stronger going forward, to work towards the future that we deserve, we need help.


Please consider being a part of this movement, even one-time PayPal or Venmo donations help. We want this to be something that people can look towards and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of books on the site (have you seen it, go look…I’ll wait….welcome back!) Mary makes great videos and interviews authors to get exclusive neat information and guidance for our community. Mary is also offering sensitivity reading consultant services, for authors wanting to join the movement but are unsure of their footing. Mary is a guide to the community as well as individuals and we are so lucky to have her. She deserves recognition, accolades, and yes…financial compensation for the amazing work that she is doing.


We can make the world a little better, a little more inclusive, a little more lovely if we all just work together. This is a great chance to stand with us and help us make sure that fat women are seen. The more that we are recognized and represented, the better off we all are. Literally from books, to films, and that moving into everyday life and even medical care. When we are more visible our advocacy in all arenas is stronger and literal lives may be saved.


We appreciate your help, your patience, your cheers, your support. We are just so glad that you are here. Please help us keep building space for more people that need us. More of us being seen and feeling our worth can only benefit the rest of us in the long run. I am cheering for Mary, I am cheering for you too (cheer!). You are all inspiring as hell and I am so lucky to get to be a part of this community.

Thank you,


3 illustrated fat women, text says Holding Space for Each Other
illustrated image of two women surrounded by books.
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