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Enni Amanda is a graphic designer moonlighting as a rom-com author, or maybe it’s the other way around. In 2006, she and her husband moved from Finland to New Zealand and fell in love with the gorgeous islands and their laid-back people.


They spent eight years traveling between the two rather inconveniently located countries, studying filmmaking and running a film festival.


Through all the filmmaking, Enni discovered a passion for screenwriting, which eventually led to writing books (a slippery slope). Her heart-warming, funny stories explore real-life issues like identity, found family, and the housing crisis.


These days, she lives in the Waikato, close to the rolling hills of the Shire, raising two cute, rambunctious boys while writing away and ignoring housework.


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Blonde woman smiles at camera, she has chin length hair and glasses, she is wearing an open white button down shirt and a striped tank top, she is also wearing a chain with rings on it. The background room is muted.
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