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Author Page: Heather Michelle

Heather Michelle is an emerging author of young adult fantasy. She lives in Acworth, GA with her cat Mister Bingley and a slew of unique roommates.


Growing up, Heather Michelle spent more time living in her imagination than outside of it. Small town life sandwiched between the redwood forests and the Pacific ocean provided a rich scope for the imagination. Before the age of twelve, Heather Michelle was not a reader, but a chance encounter with a rented audiobook launched her into the vast world of the printed word, and she never looked back.


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A photo of a smiling woman with long dark blue green hair, rectangular glasses and wearing a blue dress with white koala print. She stands with a hand on hip and mischievous look on her face.
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Heather Michelle titles featured by Fat Girls in Fiction

A Misplaced Child

A Misplaced Hope