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Author Page: Jo Watson

Five years ago Jo Watson started writing books on Wattpad with no intention of actually becoming a full time author. But one thing lead to another (as they do) and she suddenly found herself in possession of a New York agent and publishing deals. Since then Jo has published eight romantic comedies which have been translated into six different languages.


She lives in South Africa- a crazy country on the Southern tip of Africa-with her amazing husband and super cute son. She is obsessed with Depeche Mode, only wears Adidas (a long story), is  a binge watcher of TV series, loves Dr.Phil, loves watching pimple popping videos and on most days thinks she has really bad hair.


Bio taken in part from Jo Watson’s website.



A smiling woman with long pink hair and dark rimmed glasses wearing a dark shirt sits behind a white laptop. The background show a wall with many color coded sticky notes arranged as story board.
Image Source: Jo Watson's website

Jo Watson titles featured by Fat Girls in Fiction:

Big Boned