Author Page: Kat Leyh

Kat is a freelance comic book artist and writer currently living in Chicago, IL. In addition to her graphic novel series Supercakes and Bird Witch, she has also contributed back-up stories to the following BOOM! and KaBOOM! books: Adventure Time #33-34; Bravest Warriors #26-28,35-36; Bravest Warriors Impossibear Special; Bravest Warriors Paralyzed Horse Special;Munchkin #21; Adventure Time Comics #1. As well as covers for Marceline Gone Adrift #2Lumberjanes#10, Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1-4; Goldie Vance #1 ECCC exclusive; Goldie Vance #8-9; Coady and the Creepies #1-4.


Bio taken in part from  Inkwell Management.

(Like other FGiF featured authors: Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson)

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Kat Leyh title featured by Fat Girls in Fiction:

Thirsty Mermaids