Author Page: Leora Gonzales

A self proclaimed original Kansas girl who misses the Sunflower State every day. She spends time reading and writing contemporary romance with a sci-fi twist while making sure her two children and accident prone husband survive the day. Her interests include: tattoos (she has 15), cursing, good food, and good company, though not necessarily in that order. She believes that tough moments in life can be combated with good humor so she strives to  find a reason to laugh or smile daily.


A sucker for dirty talk, both the sexy kind and the type that leads to the discovery of new curse words, Leora catches all the craziness in her head on the cracked screen of her laptop. Squeezed into a small workspace in her Florida garage, this author uses her imagination *and cannabis* to explore the worlds she has created.


Bio taken in part from Leora Gonzales’ website and Amazon.


A black and white image of a femme person with a nose rind, and shave undercut, and has her hand on her head with either a cigarette of a pencil in the raised hand.
Image source: Leora Gonzales website.

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Hix (Warriors of Phaeton #5)

Paine and Rowe (Warriors of Phaeton #6)

Axis (Warriors of Phaeton #7)

Spacenapped for Fyeir: Imogen: A Phaeton Universe Novella

K’hor (Miners of Djaromir #1)

Sparx (Miners of Djaromir #2)

Matrix (Miners of Djaromir #3)

Toren (Miners of Djaromir #4)

Shuddre (Miners of Djaromir #5)

Melting Snow (Braving the Heat #0.5)

Simmering Heat (Braving the Heat #1)

Taming Fire (Braving the Heat #2)

Taco Flavored Kisses