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Author Page: Sarah Hollowell

Sarah Hollowell is a queer fat Hoosier writer aiming to up the magic quotient of Indiana.


She graduated from Ball State University with a degree in creative writing, and she remains there to this day.


Sarah’s debut YA contemporary fantasy novel, A Dark and Starless Forest, is forthcoming from HMH in September 2021. Her work has also appeared on The NoSleep Podcast, Huffington Post, and Fireside Magazine, among others.


Sarah volunteers with teen writers through the Alpha Workshop, raises small aliens in the shape of cats, listens to too many podcasts, and repeatedly makes the mistake of watching horror movies alone at night.


Bio taken from Sarah Hollowell’s website.


A fat woman wearing a black dress with a motif of trailing vines, her light brown hair trails to one side blown by the wind. She is wearing black rimmed glasses and an orange lipstick. She stands against the backdrop of a wintry park.
Image source: Sarah Hollowell's website

Sarah Hollowell titles featured by Fat Girls in Fiction:

A Dark and Starless Forest