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Hazel's Shadow

Written by: Nicole MacCarron

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Hazel longs to forget the soul-sucking shadow only she can see. But when the shadow raises an army of corpses, she would rather die than risk her sister’s soul.


Before the undead attacked, Hazel’s life was simple: look out for Kelly, make the wrestling team, hide her crush, and keep her ability to see ghosts a secret. But now, the sisters and their classmates are cornered in the very house where the shadow lurks.


As the night unfolds, Hazel struggles to juggle her secrets and keep everyone alive. But how can she tell her friends she can see ghosts when her own mother didn’t believe her? And how can she confess her feelings for Jen when rejection feels as dangerous as the undead army trying to kill them? Despite her uncertainty, Hazel may be the only one who can save them all-if she can survive long enough to discover the shadow’s sinister purpose.

Book cover: Using dark blues and greens there us the shadow of a person with enlongated arms standing in front of a lit house. Hazel's Shadow by Nicole MacCarron.