Header with image of Mary Warren (fat pretty woman smiling) and Mary Warren Writes. Reader, author, advocate, dreamer

As far back as she can remember, Mary has had stories building up in her mind waiting to spring forth into the world. Mary spent her early writings imagining stories about women with whom she could not, herself, relate.


At the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mary read Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. There was almost an audible shattering, as Mary’s entire world changed. Realizing that stories can, and should, feature women that Mary could relate with.


Mary took that epiphany and put it to work by founding Fat Girls in Fiction on TikTok. as the  project grew, Mary and her friend and associate Kayti built a site that curates lists of books featuring the adventures of fat women and non-binary characters. Having felt impact of fat positive representation first hand, Mary is helping to connect other people to the books that they can see themselves in.


With that experience and knowledge, Mary wrote A Highlander for Hannah featuring a curvy main character. Hannah was such a good fit for Mary that the stories just keep coming!


Mary hopes that you will enjoy A Highlander for Hannah, The Bargain, and Spotlight on Poppy. If you agree with our mission, please consider helping to support Fat Girls in Fiction!