Author Page: Claudie Arseneult

Claudie Arseneult is an asexual and aromantic-spectrum writer hailing from the mostly-francophone Quebec City. The stories of Claudie’s heart revolve around platonic affections, especially friendship and families, and a love for sprawling casts invariably turns the novels into multi-storylined wonders. Claudie is a founding member of The Kraken Collective as well as an editor for Common Bonds: an Aromantic Speculative Anthology, also well-known for this database of aro and ace characters, and an unending love of squids.


Bio from Claudie Arseneult’s website.

An older interview from the Asexual Artists tumblr.


Claudie Arseneult title featured by Fat Girls in Fiction:


Baker Thief


Other titles by Claudie Arseneult include: 


City of Strife

City of Betrayal

Viral Airwaves
The White Renegade: A Viral Airwaves Prequel

Wings of Renewal (Editor, along with Brenda Pierson)

A femme in a striped shirt and glasses sits sideways in a black chair, muted background seems to be a living room. Chestnut hair is in a ponytail.
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