Author Page: SM Reine

An Air Force brat who was born in the midwest and lived overseas for a few years. SM returned to the United States to settle down in beautiful, barren Nevada. SM has dreamed of becoming a writer for a lifetime, once giving up on becoming a velociraptor.  SM’s first book was written by age 12. 


When not writing–which is seldom–SM is nose-deep in geek culture.


Hobbies arguing about movies, playing video games and tickling her sons until they pass out from giggling, walking the miniature schnauzer (that’s not a euphemism), cuddling her army of black kitties, and eating delicious Italian food from her husband’s family restaurant. She is a strict meatarian and consumes bacon for two meals every day.


She primarily works at two miles per hour whilst walking on a treadmill desk.


Bio taken, in part, from SM Reine’s website.

An auburn haired woman with glasses and a black sleeveless turtleneck in front of a silver and black umbrella
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S.M. Reine titles featured by Fat Girls in Fiction:

Drawing Dead (Dana McIntyre Must Die #1)

Kill Game (Dana McIntyre Must Die #2)

Cashing Out (Dana McIntyre Must Die #3)

Suicide Queen (Dana McIntyre Must Die #4)